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At Wilkinson Eyewear Studio, we proud ourselves on our stunning collection of eyewear. An outstanding frame should be combined with a lens of outstanding quality, this is why we recommend Nikon lenses, which provide unparalleled quality in lens design and visual performance. Nikon spectacle lenses are manufactured and glazed into your frame in the UK, and Nikon are proud to support independent opticians. The superior quality of Nikon extends across all aspects of the lens including premium coatings and industry leading optical design. As an independent practice, if there is an alternative lens design you would prefer, we can also supply lenses from all major lens manufacturers.​

As a local independent business your support makes a huge difference to us. We know the
importance of supporting local, which is why we are proud to work with Nikon who manufacture their lenses in the UK. By choosing Nikon for
your lenses you are helping to protect local independent businesses like ours and safeguard local jobs across the UK.




Our superior Nikon lens range are supplied with premium scratch resistant and antireflection coatings. Scratch resistance may seem like a “does what is says on the tin” product, but some coatings are in fact superior in performance. Nikon recently released SeeCoat Next which has a thicker, more durable scratch resistant layer, as well as an 18 month no quibble guarantee on scratches, meaning if you scratch your lens a replacement will be supplied free of charge. SeeCoat Next also boasts improved hydrophobic and oleophobic surface coatings which make it easier to clean and to keep clean.

Antireflection coatings reduce perceived glare, increase the relative transmission of light through the lens, and improve the lens cosmesis. Nikon’s premium SeeCoat range of antireflection coatings include SeeCoat drive which is designed to combat glare from modern LED headlights. SeeCoat Blue Premium UV is designed for those who use screens throughout the day; the blue light anti reflection coating proportionally reflects more blue light away before it reaches the eyes. Finally, SeeCoat Bright is designed for individuals suffering from particular types of reduced contrast sensitivity, most commonly as a result of cataracts. This coating includes an additional “brightening layer” which aims to improve contrast and increase perceived brightness.

Occupational lenses:

Occupational progressive lenses work on the same principle as varifocals, that is a gradual shift in power across the lens. Instead of the shift going from the distance to near prescription, occupational lenses shift from the intermediate to near prescription. The intermediate prescription varies from person to person depending on their visual needs, but it describes the correction required for the wearer’s preferred remote working distance – commonly the distance to their computer screen. Compared with varifocals occupational lenses offer considerably better peripheral vision and a significantly larger area of intermediate prescription making screen viewing effortless and comfortable.

Whether you are an existing varifocal wearer or not, an occupational progressive worn in combination with varifocals or distance spectacles is an effective combination for clear, unrestricted vision at all distances. Alternatively, if you do not require spectacles for distance, occupational lenses are a fantastic alternative to standard reading glasses offering far more flexibility and visual comfort.

Fast Track:

Nikon also offer a fast track service, meaning we can get bespoke lenses produced in just a few days.

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