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Schoolvision and Dyslexia

Schoolvision studies the way our eyes work together as we read; in particular the relationship between vision and difficulties with reading (including dyslexia).

Words and letters appear to shift out of order sending confused messages to the brain which can cause difficulties in reading and spelling.

If this takes place while a child is learning to read the effect on their confidence, enjoyment of reading and behaviour can be profound, with long term effects into adulthood - so while it is never too late to help adults with reading difficulties, the greatest benefits are achieved by addressing these issues during childhood.

What is a Schoolvision Assessment:

A Schoolvision assessment is a programme of diagnostic and screening tests which are carried out in addition to a standard NHS eye exam. The tests are designed to go much further and deeper into understanding the way your eyes work together, and to monitor improvements over time. The same principles can also be applied to adults, but the ideal time to identify and address these issues is during childhood.

In addition to the full eye test, the Schoolvision assessment checks:

  • Detailed history & symptoms - difficulties at school or in the workplace

  • Detailed muscle balance

  • The stability of the dominant eye

  • The ability for eyes to track a moving object

  • That both eyes can focus clearly for distance and reading

  • Reading speed

  • Colour preference and light sensitivity

The Schoolvision assessment may result in a new prescription for spectacles. The patient will normally require a series of follow-up visits to adjust the prescription as the eyes adapt and strengthen.

How does it help?

  • Better school / workplace performance

  • Increased reading speed and accuracy

  • Better at arithmetic

  • Increased self esteem / confidence

  • Clearer writing

  • Increased concentration

  • Decreased tiredness & anxiety

  • Reduced incidence of headaches / migraines

  • Calming effect

  • Better co-ordination and balance

Unfortunately Schoolvision tests are not yet available from the majority of optical practices.

Having passed the Schoolvision diploma Amina Zaidi is a qualified Schoolvision practitioner and is a member of the Association of Schoolvision Practitioners. To book a Schoolvision appointment please call 01732 353803.

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