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Our Services

We are able to carry out all the tasks of an ordinary optician.  We offer standard and enhanced NHS and private eye examinations, contact lens assessments and aftercare, dry eye clinics and optical coherence tomography. Also, specialist school vision and sports vision practitioners are available for consultations on request.

As of November 2022, our three studios have all had new OCT machines installed. We are using the latest tech to help ensure accurate care for your precious eyes. 

Schoolvision and Dyslexia:

Schoolvision studies the way our eyes work together as we read; in particular the relationship between vision and difficulties with reading (including dyslexia).

Words and letters appear to shift out of order sending confused messages to the brain which can cause difficulties in reading and spelling.

If this takes place while a child is learning to read the effect on their confidence, enjoyment of reading and behaviour can be profound, with long term effects into adulthood - so while it is never too late to help adults with reading difficulties, the greatest benefits are achieved by addressing these issues during childhood.

To find out more about Schoolvision assessments and booking one in our Tonbridge branch, please click here.

Optical Coherence Tomography:

Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a huge step forward in the provision of comprehensive eye care.  Using the latest state-of-the-art technology, our experts are able to take a digital photograph of your eye as well as being able to take a 3 dimensional cross sectional scan.

It’s completely painless and allows us to evaluate much earlier than normally possible common and not-so-common conditions.

We’ll store the images on our secure computer servers and each time you visit us, we’re able to use the technology to make vital comparisons against your previous scans and photographs.  This gives us essential information that can help to prevent further damage, or enables us to recommend treatment at a much earlier stage. This usually means we can help prevent problems and safeguard your sight for the future.

JE OCT_edited.jpg

Humphrey Field Scanner:

The Humphrey Visual Field analyser is an industry standard test which allow us to look for defects in the sensitivity of the eye. For example, the central vision of the eye may be good, but the periphery of the visual field may be severely damaged. It is important to detect change in the visual field in order to maintain the function of the eye. As a good eye is able to compensate for poor vision in the other eye, the effects of visual field damage are often unnoticed by the patient until there is significant damage to the vision. The Humphrey visual field test is designed to pick up the earliest changes to the function of the eye.

The test works by displaying flashes of light around a bowl with a fixed background light level. The machine aims to find the dimmest light that the eye is able to detect at various locations in the visual field.

The Humphrey Visual Field Analyser has become an industry standard machine for the diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma and other ocular and neurological diseases. Like all visual field tests, the machine tests the patient's response to a visual stimulus. The machine may be set to run one of many optimised programs.

Digital Retinal Imaging:

Colour Fundus Retinal Photography uses a fundus camera to record colour images of the condition of the interior surface of the eye, in order to document the presence of disorders and monitor their change over time.

A fundus camera or retinal camera is a specialized low power microscope with an attached camera designed to photograph the interior surface of the eye, including the retina, retinal vasculature, optic disc, macula, and posterior pole (i.e. the fundus).

The retina is imaged to document conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, age related macular degeneration, macular edema and retinal detachment.

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